Buhari should resign honourably.

Nigerians were gripped by an acute feeling of anxiety to see an end to the former president GEJ's administration which was ravaged by monumental ineptitude and corruption. They danced to the tune of change melody which has turned out to be a mirage in the country by massively voted for PMB at the general elections in 2015.

Without mincing words, it is an obvious fact that Buhari has no idea of how to proffer the needed solutions to the convoluted economic debacle facing the country. It is visible to the blind, audible to the dump and reasonable to the wise that Buhari is confused about Nigeria's economic upheavals which have caused his health a devastating deterioration .

Undoubtedly, Buhari's APC administration has inflicted psychological scars on the masses of Nigeria with his counter-productive policies that have geometrically multiplied the untold hardship of the Nigerian people .

When Nigerians were in high expectation to see palliative measures to cushion the long standing economic problems facing the oppressed masses, it was very shocking to receive the news of an increase in the administered prices of petroleum products: i.e., petrol from N87 to N145 per litre and following this ridiculous case of misplaced priority, the general prices of all the goods and services skyrocketed beyond affordability.

What an insensitivity!   Buhari increased the price of petroleum products  at a time he was yet to fulfil any of his electoral promises

I am opined that it high time president Buhari resigned and placed more attention to his health condition.

I don't need anyone to tell me that the present predicament of Nigeria was caused by the former president or administration and peradventure, if anyone is tempted to do so, he or she should prepare to answer the following questions and afterwards, I will bow to a more superior discourse :

Are the lives of Nigerians better than how they were almost 2 years ago before he came to power ?

Are the prices of goods and services cheaper than how they were before May 29th, 2015?

How effective are his counter productive policies on the economy of Nigeria?

What has he done to combat the hunger killing Nigerian people ?
How can Nigeria economy diversify with  $1 to N495 ?

How many electoral promises have they implemented and how positively same have benefited the poor voters of change ?

How can the civil servant with N18,000 minimum wage meet their socio economic needs in the face of food inflation : A bag of rice hovering between N18000 and N20,000 ?

State governments apart from Lagos and few others are owing stipend giving to workers as salaries, is it part of the change they voted for?  

Reality of life posits that it is better to do things when honour is there. Buhari should however, resign honourably before the economy gets to a phase of depression which might be difficult to recover from.