About Us

Who we are
We are a group of professionals adequately armed with credible, reliable and dependable information capable of bringing into existence the paradigm change worthy of note into our great nation, Nigeria. CNF provides a platform where your voice would be heard even as a common man walking down the street.

To use the instrumentality of information dissemination via information technology to effect a positive change that would make Nigeria a better place to live in by all and sundry.

To foster unity, love and peace among the residents 0f Nigeria
To ensure that information dissemination brings about the desired change in Nigeria
To celebrate and enjoy the change

Our cardinal principles
Equity, Justice and Love

Our Focus
*Global economies*Politics*Investment*Sports*Oil and gas*Foreign affairs*Education*Online interviews* Business*Entrepreneurship*Opinion

Our Target Audience
Politicians, Business elite, the Educated, Policy makers, Leaders in all facets of life - international business and political leaders

Our strengths
To start with, honesty, integrity and confidence form an integral part of the strengths of CNF. However, we are driven by courage to intimate our audience with reliable, credible and dependable information required for permanent liberation of the downtrodden from the oppression of the wicked rulers.

To this end, you are requested to register now to become a member and part of this developmental initiative as our expectation is to have 10 million Nigerians as the active members in no distant time.