G20: Germany hosts 20 biggest global economies

The G20, the global biggest economies are in Germany holding a summit where various fundamental issues, such as trade, politics, climate change, terrorism, North Korea intercontinental ballistic missile test and a host of other global issues are listed in its agenda. .

The highlights of the summit :

US president, Donald Trump at odds with other global leaders over climate change agreement

Russian president, Putin Vladimir denied being involved in the US 2016 elections

Germany's Chancellor, Merkel Angela expressed her frustration over Trump's approach on Paris climate accord

China's president, Xi Jinping determined to do something to stop North Korea ICBM test.

Trump and Putin engaged in one - on - one bilateral talks

Trump said that he still wants Mexico to pay for a border wall.

Police and anti-globalisation protesters clashed in Germany during the G20 meeting.

To be continued. ...


Quite interesting

Quite interesting